Colombo Overseas School
Colombo Overseas School

Executive Secretary's Message

It gives me great pleasure to inform you about some of the proactive measures taken by our management to ensure that Colombo Overseas School gives its students the best overall education in the most congenial and healthy environment while our academic results speak for themselfs,the overall quality of the teaching staff has been further enhanced by numerous and well designed teacher-training workshops in the past two years.In addition to this ,all new recruitment of teachers is done under strict scrutiny,giving closer attention to overall quality.
We have specialized and qualified professional counsellors available at every level for the guidance of the students.Our school being one of the prestigious schools , the building of the school is under construction and has state of the art facilities.Technology aided learning is an integral part of the school curriculum.Regular presentations are made by teachers and students.This helps in clarifying concepts and promoting cooperative learning.
A well-equipped computer lab and mobile computers have helped knowledge to go beyond the confines of the classroom.All pedagogical and infrastructural changes were possible due to the continuous efforts of the members of the school Managing Committee,the Principals,Teachers,Staff and the administrative team at the Colombo Overseas School who have in response to the emerging needs and Co-operation of the guardians brought about this transformation in the School.
Parents are the First Teachers and the child learns maximum at home.We believe that childhood is the time when the child starts his journey to gain wisdom and practices of learning.The age old learning system is what we have to change.We have prepared a new method based on the concept of Smart Class.
We at Colombo Overseas School help our students to develop their reasoning and conceptual ability.The aim is to make our students confident and self assured youth with well-rounded personalities,ready to take on the challenges of the world.
I take this opportunity to extend my best wishes to all the parents and students and also look forward to cooperation and valuable suggestions from everyone.We envision students planning and implementing their own learning in the near future.The quality educational program being offered here is unique and meets different individual needs.We look forward to the combined support of all the stakeholders to make Colombo Overseas School the best school in the 21st century and also look forward working with the whole staff to meet the challenges of this assignment and promise you quality learning with in the classroom.
At Colombo Overseas School ,we are commited to build a vibrant learning community with in the school and to allow for students creativity in all areas of school life.It is our endeavour to ensure that each of our students are well supported and become lifelong learners and achievers.

N.Bimasha Kavindi Perera
Executive Secretary
Colombo Overseas School