Colombo Overseas School
Colombo Overseas School
Executive Managing Director's Message  
Each human being is born with a unique set of potential that yearns to be fulfilled as surely as the acorn yearns to become the oak with in it - Aristotle

Colombo Overseas School provides an environment in which every student discovers and reaizes his inborn potential.We create self-awareness amongst children and help in capacity building.We are concerned about the overall health and wellbeing of learners encompassing their mental ,physical,emotional and spritual dimensions.
In the firm belief that "Good education is the high road to personal and national progress",the school drawing out what is best in the child , through appropriate learning experiences and opportunities , a desire to learn ,not just in the class room,but all the time making it an on-going process through life.
The school strives to foster in the student a sense of values and an appreciation of his/her own culture,tradition and heritage,as well as of what is good in other cultures.
The school has already established it self as a fastest growing school.The challenging task of nurturing tender budding minds in the school is being looked after with poise,grace & commitment by dedicated teachers.The team of Colombo Overseas School firmly believes that with patience & perseverance any goal can be accomplished.
The quest of excellence encouraged in Colombo Overseas School rests on the strong belief that every child has it with in him self to excel.The management is supporting the staff of Colombo Overseas School in all their endeavors like a rock of Gibraltar.We also rely on the powerful role of parents in supporting and respecting the endeavors of the school.
I trust that the parents along with the team of Colombo Overseas School will help the children grow as self-respecting and courageous torch bearers of our nation.
Jayawewa Srilanka.

N. Dilshan Perera
Executive Managing Director
Colombo Overseas School