Colombo Overseas School

Colombo Overseas School

Colombo Overseas School-Mission Statement
Colombo Overseas School is committed to creating and maintaining a trusting and caring environment where teaching and learning are exciting and students embark on a life long journey of learning. All aspects of the school's organization, Curricular and Co-Curricular activities are child centred and designed to accommodate individual learning styles so that all may experience success. The mission of Colombo Overseas School is to help students acquire the Knowledge, Skills and attitudes necessary to become happy, healthy, well adjusted, productive citizens of the world. "Knowledge through quality education"


Striving for excellence today, to prepare students to succeed in the challenges they face tomorrow.

Value Statement

We value the unique abilities and talents of each child.

Belief Statements


Learning is a lifelong process and all individuals have the ability to learn. As children learn in different ways, we provide a variety of teaching strategies, meaningful materials and emerging technologies to nurture the love of learning in every student potential and suit individual learning styles.


The dignity and self worth of every person need to be balanced with the needs of society. Understanding the ethical values of honesty. modesty and self discipline, we pledge to build and inspire respect, with in and towards each child, including an acceptance and appreciation of cultural diversity.


Personal responsibility builds independence and is a key to self development, motivating students, we monitor appropriate behaviour, building self sufficiency and compassion required by our students as productive citizens of the global community.


We are dedicated to promoting trust through honest and free exchange of ideas and opinions, showing that differences can be resolved through communication, compromise and understanding.


In order for students to assert themselves in competitive situations, we help them build resourcefulness, to take risks and to develop leadership skills, together with teachers, parents and administrators, Students are encouraged to participate in decision making and planning.


We stress the importance of working together and interacting in the dynamic of large and small groups, using team work to stimulate learning and nurture inter -personal relationships.


Colombo Overseas School believes in building and maintaining strong bonds with parents and community and recognize them as crucial partners in the educational process. The rich blend of cultures and religions in our student and staff community are our greatest asset in building a special and wholesome learning environment.