Colombo Overseas School
A great school should be more concerned with the building of character than with the attainment of academic excellence. Every child is capable of doing something well and has something to contribute. This must be encouraged and developed to the utmost. cos_class_1
cos_pre_school International in outlook with a wide range of co-curricular choices, COS encourages students to discover and develop their strengths, no matter where their interests lie. Vibrant programs in areas such as performing and visual arts, music, sport, adventure, cadets, local and international service and leadership help students to develop their unique range of talents and gain an awareness and a sense responsibility about their world.
Rich in history, yet thoroughly vibrant, diverse and innovative, Colombo Overseas School provides a wonderful environment for students and has a long history of providing excellent educational outcomes. cos_year_1
cos_year_2 Our focus on student wellbeing and a shared set of values mean students feel safe, valued and well cared for throughout their school years and beyond, with the Old Students network providing a valuable link to their school peers even after they have left school.