Colombo Overseas School

Enrolment Policies Employment Policy
*Signed Registration Summary Self Sourcing and Talent Pools
*Copy of the Birth Certificate *Copy of the Postal Identity Card ,National Identity Card or Passport *Copy of the Identity Card or Passport of the Parents *Copy of the School leaving Certificate *Copies of the Result Sheet Colombo Overseas School selects and engages with the right talent of the employee,at the right time at the right price.
All the copies should be Attested by the Principal while attaching the School Rubber Stamp There are self sourcing and talent pool of teachers who provide there service,Voluntary to satisfy the individual needs of the students.
Two Passport size Photographs taken with in three months
Interview with the child along with a Apptitude Test
Interview with Parents
Final decision on the approval of the Admission depend on the discretion of the Authoritarian Officer appointed by the Management of the Colombo Overseas School